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Miss Mary Cain - An Eccentric Worthy of a Limerick!

NOTE: All information in this blog post is available in a twine-bound, limited print edition at  Blue Goose Hill Press  for five bucks and free shipping in the U.S. My main goal is to build and pass on an oral tradition and history, so the information contained in all future publications will always be free. I just enjoy making books! Check it out if you're so inclined - Hoss.  Mary Cain was from Bonne Terre town She'd go to every funeral around If yer up and dyin' You know she's a spyin' Gettin' insurance 'fore you's in the ground Now you may be scratching your head on this one without any historical context. I would be too! Was this woman a scammer, a thief, or worse yet, a murderer? And why is she worthy of any words other than condemnation if she were any of those? Hear me out! Read her obituary below, and another short article published nearly two decades after her death and you may walk away with a soft spot for ol' Mary Cain. I know I did! Enj

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